It is a time of peace in the galaxy. The Second Galactic Civil War ended 30 years ago and the Galactic Alliance has benefited from three decades of tranquility. The elderly Luke Skywalker, responsible for restoring the Jedi Order after the First Galactic Civil War, has taken leadership of the Jedi as the Grand Master of the Jedi High Council. Master Skywalker hopes to alleviate the troubles within the Order before his eventual death so that he can leave behind a stable and secure Jedi Order for the future.

But there is growing dissension in the Order with the leadership and direction that it has taken over the past few decades. The Order has distanced itself from the Galactic Alliance government following a series of disagreements, legal charges, and conflicts decades earlier which led to Luke Skywalker’s exile from the Jedi Order for fifteen years. But over the past few years, the Jedi Council has worked to restore the trust and cooperation between the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance, but the Jedi continue to be autonomous, working to keep peace and order throughout the galaxy, but remaining separate from governments and military organizations.

As the next generation of hopeful Jedi enters into their padawan training, the future of the Jedi Order will soon pass to them. Their actions and decisions may very well decide the fate of the Jedi Order, and even the fate of the galaxy.

Star Wars: Tangent Destiny

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